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Carpet and Fall Protection

'Soft' Carpets Protect Against 'Hard' Falls

One of the key drawbacks to hard surface floor coverings is found in the word "hard".

If you should fall, you would no doubt rather be hitting your head on a carpet than on a hardwood floor or on ceramic tile. It is one of the reasons that many families with young children are choosing to put carpet in their homes.

Furthermore, as interior designer Barbara Kaplan notes, one is more likely to slip on tile or on a wood floor than on a plush carpet.  Leslie Beaumont, Director of Marketing for CCI manufacturer member Beaulieu Canada, notes that carpeting prevents slips and cushions falls and that glass objects don't shatter when they fall.

Thus, when considering what kind of floor covering to buy for institutions such as schools, hospital or nursing homes, or even in private homes with young children or seniors, safety would dictate that carpeting be given serious consideration. When kids are running around and falling or an older person loses his or her balance and falls, carpeting will absorb the shock as compared to hard flooring and reduce the likelihood of injury.

"We have had a lot of discussion lately about the safety advantages of carpeting, especially in institutional applications," says Margaret Savard, Marketing Coordinator for CCI manufacturer member Crossley Carpets.

"While hard surfaces have been popular for a long time, it is very important to take into consideration who is going to be walking on the floor and what shape the walker and the floor are in. You might also want to take into account weather conditions and objects that may be left laying around on the floor. In many cases, carpet is the safest alternative."